Executive Coaching

What investment is required for an executive coaching programme?

The Flight Test programme is £1995

The Afterburner programme is £2995

The World-Class Executive Programme is £5995

The Wingman Programme is £11995


Bespoke programme durations or session lengths can be agreed and a quotation will be provided.

For HR or L&D directors purchasing blocks of coaching hours, a discount is offered and will be highlighted in a detailed quotation.


All fees are subject to VAT.

What is executive coaching?

My executive coaching is a professional thinking partnership between me and an executive client aimed at enhancing leadership skills, personal development, and achieving professional goals.

What can I expect from executive coaching?

You can expect personalised support, goal setting, accountability, skill development, and strategies to overcome challenges tailored to your specific needs and objectives. There will be a mix of challenge and support to ensure measurable progress is made.

How long does an executive coaching engagement typically last?

The duration of coaching engagements varies depending on the package chosen and the client’s goals and needs. It could range from a single month to a year or more.

How often do coaching sessions occur?

The Flight Test programme is weekly for 4 weeks
The other programmes have two sessions per month for the duration of the programme.


Is executive coaching confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of the coaching relationship. Your coach will not disclose information shared during sessions without your consent.

How do I know if executive coaching is right for me?

Executive coaching is beneficial for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, or professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, overcome obstacles, or achieve specific career goals. Our initial conversations, at no cost to you, will determine whether I am the right coach for you and you are the right client for me.

What qualifications should I look for in an executive coach?

Look for coaches who are certified by reputable coaching organisations (I have a UK post-graduate qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring), have relevant experience in executive coaching (I have run my own coaching practice for 6 years and have more than 2500 hours of coaching logged), and possess strong interpersonal skills.

How do I find the right executive coach for me?

Consider factors such as coaching approach, experience, credentials, testimonials, and chemistry when selecting a coach. It’s essential to choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and aligned with your goals.

How is executive coaching delivered?

The Flight Test, Afterburner and World-Class Executive programmes are conducted virtually through Zoom, making it convenient for clients to access coaching services from anywhere in the world. The Wingman programme will include occasional face to face sessions for clients based in England.

What types of issues can executive coaching help me address?

Executive coaching can help you address a wide range of issues, including leadership development, communication skills, conflict resolution, time management, decision-making, and career transitions.

Will executive coaching guarantee results?

While coaching can significantly enhance your leadership effectiveness and professional growth, results may vary depending on your commitment, willingness to change, and active participation in the coaching process. Experience shows that proactive engagement by the client in the learning and coaching activities always leads to improvement.

How do I measure the success of executive coaching?

Success in executive coaching can be measured by achieving predetermined goals, enhancing leadership capabilities, receiving positive feedback from colleagues or stakeholders, and experiencing personal growth.

Can executive coaching benefit teams or organisations?

Yes, executive coaching can benefit teams and organisations by improving leadership effectiveness, enhancing team dynamics, fostering a culture of accountability and innovation, and driving business results.

How can I justify executive coaching as an investment to my organisation?

Highlight the potential return on investment (ROI) of executive coaching, such as increased employee engagement, improved productivity, enhanced leadership effectiveness, and better business outcomes.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my coaching experience?

If you’re not satisfied with your coaching experience, discuss your concerns with your coach first to see if adjustments can be made. If necessary, you can terminate the coaching engagement and receive a refund for any unused coaching sessions.

Can executive coaching help with career transitions or job search?

Yes, executive coaching can provide support and guidance during career transitions, such as job search strategies, resume/CV refinement, interview preparation, and navigating career changes.

Is executive coaching only for senior executives?

No, executive coaching is beneficial for leaders at all levels of an organisation, including mid-level managers, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to advance their careers. Participants in Top Talent programmes can accelerate their progress through executive coaching.

How do I get started with executive coaching?

To get started with executive coaching, complete the contact form on the website. My team will contact you to schedule an initial free consultation to discuss your goals, assess your needs, and determine if coaching is the right fit for you.

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