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Empower Your Executives with Targeted Coaching

As an HR professional, you play a pivotal role in shaping the leadership landscape of your organisation.

You’re focused on recruiting, inducting, training and retaining the best talent to help your company achieve its aims.

Our Executive Coaching solutions are designed to align with your strategic objectives and solve your challenges.

Perhaps you have set objectives like these:

  • Improving individual executive performance, maximising their strengths and working on their areas for development
  • Developing leadership qualities in managers so they can lead high-performing teams
  • Identifying and developing high-potential individuals to accelerate their progress

At the same time, you may have encountered challenges like these:

  • Executives with exceptional technical skills, but poor soft skills
  • Brilliant ‘doers’ who find the transition to management challenging
  • First-class managers, who struggle to lead bigger teams
  • Otherwise highly competent executives who are challenged by imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, or other mindset challenges.

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Whether you want us to work with a strong leader to enhance their skills further or offer an under-performing executive the opportunity to grow, our coaching programmes can meet your needs.

Choose the Method That Works for You

Whatever your objectives, you can assign an executive to one of our specialised programmes as outlined below, or you can bulk-purchase coaching hours to offer you the highest level of flexibility in allocating support to your executives.

Tailored Programmes for Every Executive Need


Test Flight Programme

A one-month, focused intervention for executives facing immediate challenges or seeking quick clarity in their roles.


Afterburner Programme

A three-month journey designed for a measurable boost in performance, ideal for executives in need of accelerated development.


World-Class Executive Programme

A six-month, comprehensive programme for those aiming to reach the next level of leadership skills.


Wingman Programme

A year-long partnership offering in-depth support and guidance through pivotal career periods.

Maximum Flexibility with Bulk Coaching Sessions

You start by purchasing coaching sessions in multiples of 20 up to a maximum of 100 in one go.

Then you can flexibly call down and allocate hours as needed across your executive team.

For example, you could allocate coaching sessions for:

  • Post-appraisal skill enhancement.
  • Support for fast-track or top talent initiatives.
  • Responding to specific coaching requests from executives.
  • Focused coaching assistance for mindset or soft skill challenges

Partnering for Organisational Success

Our coaching solutions align with our goals of fostering a culture of continuous learning and leadership excellence. By investing in these programmes or flexible coaching hours, you empower your executives to navigate challenges, leverage opportunities, and contribute significantly to your organisation’s success.

Get Started with Our Executive Coaching Solutions

Let’s collaborate to build a stronger leadership foundation in your organisation. Contact us to discuss how our programmes and bulk coaching hours can be tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

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