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Mission Briefing:

Embark on Your Structured Journey to Elite Leadership

In the RAF, everyone knew the ‘rules of the game’.

This included the jobs you had to have and the performance level you had to achieve before you could achieve promotion.

As well as the hard skills of flying, fixing or supporting aircraft, you knew what soft skills you had to develop and what additional responsibilities you had to accept. Those who knew the game and played it well, moved up. Those who knew the game and chose not to play it, stayed where they were.

Those who didn’t know the rules of the game?

They were in no-man’s land. Introducing the World-Class Executive Programme, a carefully crafted one-to-one coaching experience for those who aspire to reach the pinnacle of corporate leadership.

This programme is an elite mission to understand the rules of the game. It’s crafted to transform accomplished leaders into world-class executives. Prepare to engage with the four pillars essential for a leader of global calibre.


Master the 4 Pillars of World-Class Leadership

Understanding Yourself:

Preparing for Leadership:

Connections, Persuasion, and Influence:

Personal Productivity and Performance:

Understanding Yourself:


Delve deep into your psyche, understand your drivers, and your unique leadership style.

Emotional Intelligence:

Cultivate the ability to read and navigate the emotional landscapes of yourself and others.

Values and Beliefs:

Define and align your personal philosophy with your leadership approach.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Identify and leverage your strengths, while acknowledging and addressing your weaknesses and blind spots.

Connections, Persuasion, and Influence:

Meaningful Connections:

Build networks that are not just wide but deep, fostering relationships that matter.

Thought Leadership:

Master the art of influential thought leadership, guiding and inspiring those around you.

Ethical Persuasion:

Learn to persuade effectively and ethically, without manipulation.

Personal Productivity and Performance:

Time Ownership:

Gain mastery over your time, turning it into a tool for efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimizing Personal Environment:

Manage your personal and physical environment to consistently perform at your peak.

Focus and Distraction Management:

Learn to feed your focus and starve your distractions for enhanced productivity.

Preparing for Leadership:

Visionary Thinking:

Develop the ability to think beyond the horizon, crafting a compelling vision for the future.


Cultivate the skill to make timely and effective decisions.

Adaptability and Resilience:

Build resilience to adapt in the face of challenges.

Leadership Communication:

Master the art of communication, crucial for effective leadership.

Empowerment and Delegation:

Learn the art of empowering others, delegating effectively to build strong teams.


Uphold and lead with integrity, the cornerstone of trust and respect in leadership.

YOUR COACH:  Experienced and Insightful

A Guiding Beacon

As your coach on this journey, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained from three decades of military service, four years in the corporate world and more than five years as a coach to executives and business owners.

Avoiding Leadership Pitfalls

As part of this comprehensive programme, we will also focus on identifying and steering clear of common leadership traps, including:

Generalist vs. Specialist Dilemma
Climbing the Wrong Pole
Stagnation in the Comfort Zone
Ego Management
Preventing Burnout

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Highly recommend Garry for his exceptional coaching. Garry’s strategic insights have been instrumental in shaping my approach in executing my new role, leading to tangible improvements in my thinking, decision-making and leadership. I’m always looking forward to our sessions. Grateful for the transformative experience! 🙂

Arno de Beer
Director, Client Innovation Centre, IBM South Africa

Garry has been really helpful to me as a coach . He is listens carefully, creates confidence and gives ad-hoc advice and feedback which he likes to reinforce in the following sessions.
It is quite impressive how quickly he has been able to identify points that could help me to improve considering different views and angles together.
He understands very well how large companies move from the organizational point of view and no doubt even more at C-Suite level.
Very organized and with a clear structured topic in every session, he has also made recommendations on readings related to topics worked. Very useful as well.
Frankly speaking, I am looking forward to work with him more and have those high level conversations as soon as possible. Thank you Garry. Really appreciated.

Borja Basa
Head of Portfolio Services, JLL EMEA

I’ve been working with Garry for around 3 months, primarily focusing on strategic thinking and executive performance. Garry is great to work with and tailors the sessions to the individual, for me allowing the conversation to flow so we can get to the heart of an issue.

I’ve found his expertise and insight invaluable, providing me with tools and a structure to elevate my thinking and overall performance.

I would highly recommend making contact to see if you can work together.

Paul Rixham
Head of Legal and General, JLL Property and Asset Management

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible support and guidance Garry provided me with as my coach. Working with him to develop my strategy thinking and personal growth has been an immensely rewarding journey, and I’m truly appreciative of his dedication and expertise.

His coaching style is truly transformative. He have a remarkable ability to challenge my thinking, push me outside of my comfort zone, and inspire me to reach new heights. Through thought-provoking discussions and targeted exercises, he helped me uncover insights about myself and my approach to problem-solving that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own.

Conny Baumeister
Director, Brooks Automation

I have been leading a challenging, complex, high-visibility project for my company and Garry has really helped me to work through challenges. Garry has been great both when I’ve had specific issues to discuss and when I’ve been struggling to see the wood for the trees.

Louisa Flintoft
Senior Publishing Director, Wiley

I’m lucky enough to have received coaching from Garry over the last few months. I have been leading a challenging, complex, high-visibility project for my company and Garry has really helped me to work through challenges. Garry has been great both when I’ve had specific issues to discuss and when I’ve been struggling to see the wood for the trees. Thank you, Garry!

Janus Rasmussen
Regional Sales Director, Keysight Technologies

A good coach is characterized by being a good, active listener and asking the right questions. Garry has exactly these qualities, which makes coaching so valuable to me. The time with him was very pleasant from day one and absolutely trustworthy. His feedback, combined with professional knowledge and literature recommendations, have had a lasting influence on my daily performance in business. I definitely leave the coaching stronger and what I have learned is applied sustainably. Thank you, Garry, for your time, your valuable input and the food for thought that you regularly gave me.

Manuela Beschle-Franz
Takeda Pharmaceuticals